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3 Signs Your Well Pump May Need Attention

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“Water is life” is one of the most commonly used expressions.  Cliché as it sounds; this phrase is a powerfully true message and our own existence as human beings can bear witness to it.  For instance, geography teaches us that our planet is 2/3 water, science says a human body is 70% water, and history reminds us of entire generations that were rendered extinct for lack of it.

Farfetched as it may sound it’s true…

Or is it?

Consider this counterintuitive fact about water…

Although the amount of freshwater on our planet remains fairly constant thanks to the continuous pilgrimage through the atmosphere and back into our water sources, the global population continues to explode at an unprecedented rate. As a result, a copious supply of clean and fresh water to sustain life continues being a problem.

To solve this problem, we are constantly exploring new ways like drilling wells to prevent our taps from running dry.

Groundwater is considered the best and most sustainable water source. However, accessing it poses obvious difficulties and by far, the biggest difficulty is pumping it to the surface.

That’s where a well pump comes in.

Well pumps lift the water from the underground wells so you can have this precious liquid whenever you need it for domestic consumption or commercial use.

But what do you do when you have a faulty pump?

Frankly speaking, these water guzzlers do communicate before any mechanical breakdown occurs.

So, if you have a keen ear, they will let you know what’s ailing them.

But before we look at these signs, what are the advantages of having a well pump?

  • The first and most obvious advantage of well pumps is the fact that they deliver water straight to your tap from the source. This means that you get to save time which would have otherwise been spent fetching water especially if your water source is not near.
  • Secondly, well pumps have a cost-saving element attached to them. They give you water supply autonomy meaning you don’t rely on town water bans and municipal water systems.
  • If you are engaged in farming, a well pump is a lifeline behind irrigation systems and sprinklers. It ensures that your crop is sufficiently supplied with water at the right pressure and quantity.

Here Are 3 Signs Your Well Pump Needs Attention

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is one of the signs that indicate all is not well with your pump. Unless your well runs dry, a drop in the water pressure could mean that you have clogged pipes caused by sediment buildup or scaling. It could also be as a result of placing the pump too close to the water level top resulting in reduced efficiency.

To solve this problem you use a water softener product to get rid of well rust. And since prevention is better than cure, using a rust filter also works great as it works as a deterrent mechanism that prevents rust from getting inside the pumps in the first place.

Discolored Water

Unless you have had your water supply switched off for a long time, your indoor faucets should never produce brown water. And if that is the case, a few minutes of running water will easily dislodge any debris inside the pipes.

However, if the problem persists, it means your well pump is faulty. This problem is mainly caused by broken seals which then allow dirt to find its way into your water supply system.

Sporadic Air Spurts

If you notice your indoor or outdoor faucets producing sucking and gurgling noises, chances are high that your pump is compromised. Normally, these noises are as a result of a bad foot valve or a leak on the pumps’ side allowing it to suck air.

Final Thoughts

A properly maintained well pump can serve for many years. Unfortunately, it can be hard to pinpoint when a breakdown will occur. With the above tips, you should be able to determine whether your pump is gracefully sailing into its twilight years or not. However, if you are unsure, it would be decent to contact a well pump professional to help you out instead of throwing the dice with your investment.

Our team of professionals can help you out in well pump replacement, repair, and installation.